About LASENOR INDIA ‘Lecithin Specialists’

LASENOR INDIA Foods Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian Private Company created in 2007 consolidated in both, technology and customer service.

We have joined, in this project, a long experience in lecithin procurement to a deep know-how in lecithin technology and oleochemicals, both applied to the field of foodstuffs, feed and non food industrial markets.

Working with lecithins is a complex business because the raw material, crude lecithin, obtained during the production of liquid oils, is seen as a by-product. This makes the availability and prices highly volatile, often subject to seasonality. Also the quality is very dependant on many factors, such as, the process used for the extraction of the oil, the quality of the seeds themselves, degumming and drying systems employed for the lecithin obtention, and others. LASENOR INDIA has been created specifically to work through this difficult scenario.

Doing business with the technology of synthesis and application of lecithins is the purpose of LASENOR INDIA but, as prime objective we can remark the location and classification of suppliers, as well as the classification and use of each type of crude lecithin available in each type of derivative that best corresponds.

We have therefore built a factory in Nagpur, central India, in a first class and well connected industrial area. This production unit, equipped with the most modern facilities, is capable of producing lecithin and its derivatives, under the most stringent quality standards.

With this new industrial implementation we intend to meet two objectives. On the one hand, to bring our presence where is the origin of raw material, and on the other hand, to consolidate our industrial action in an environment of high growth and extraordinary potential, as India it self and Southeast Asia countries.

The most up to date and automatic equipment and production units contribute to achieving High Quality Products and, at the same time, our versatility and experience allows us to adapt products to specific customer requirements.